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Word Processing

Word processing is perhaps the most frequently used program (other than browsers and email). There are several web sites that offer word processing online. Whether you use an online service or a free word processor like Open Office, you may want to learn how to use more of the features that are available in the program like indexing and table of contents, creating indented lists, and exporting to a PDF file.

The outlines below may change as necessary to ensure a great learning experience.

Classes will be $25/hour unless otherwise noted.


Word Processing

This class will provide you with a good overview of the types of external disks and thumb drives suitable for backup and storage of important files. This class will be thirty minutes (1/2 hr).


          • Why use Open Office instead of an online word processor
          • Creating bold text, changing fonts, page layout, tables, columns
          • Creating a web page, a PDF file, or MS word file
          • Indexing and table of contents
          • Using forms and templates


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