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Wireless Networks

Wireless Network Introduction

Many home have more than one computer, especially if there are children attending high school or college. Learn how to leverage your invesment by sharing printers, disks, and Internet access.

Classes will be once or twice a week depending upon the type of class (beginner, intermediate, advanced). These classes will be scheduled based upon student requests. The outlines below may change as necessary to ensure a great learning experience.

Classes will be $25/hour unless otherwise noted.


Wireless Network Introduction

This class will provide you with a good overview a home network using either cables or wireless to connect computers, printers, and Internet access. This is an introductory class of approximately thirty minutes (1/2 hr) and will be provided at no cost.

          • Wired or wireless, what is the difference?
          • Video game consoles and computer networks
          • Internet access
          • Routers, modems, & firewalls
          • Shared devices, printers, scanners, disks, and more

Home Network

Class length may vary based upon the level of training desired. Setting up a network can be difficult and when it doesn't work, it be almost impossible to discover why. This class will give you the knowledge and exposure to the tools that will remove some of the complexity and mystery.

Basic (one hour class)

          • Do I need a router and wireless devices?
          • How to set up a network (router, modem, computer and video game configurations)
          • How to set up a disk and printer for sharing
          • How to ensure security settings are appropriate, especially for the Internet
          • Testing and troubleshooting a network

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