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Classes, Training, Computer Repair and Tune Ups

More than a pretty picture

We offer training and classes in painting, design, acting and computer programs including computer art.

We can create commissioned art, design a web site for you, help you develop a logo, posters, and brochures. We can design and create CD/DVD covers and labels, business cards, letterhead, book covers, newspaper or magazine ads, and much more. We can help you with business presentations and posters. We have experience creating CVs for medical professionals and other business professionals. Our web site service can design, create, publish, acquire a hosting service, and promote your web site. We can do it all, or just the portions you choose. We have many years experience with excellent tools and produce exceptional results.

We have been in the field of computer technology for more than thirty years. We can help you with computer purchases, setup, security, networks, wireless, and various applications. We can provide training courses in MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, website applications, art and graphic design tools. If you need help with computers or their applications we can help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

We are professionals and it is important to us that any service you receive from us is everything you expected. Your satisfaction is vital to our success!

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