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Troubleshooting and Repair

Computers, printers, networks, and peripherals such as external disks sometimes need repair. Often the device is not broken, rather a software issue or cable is the problem. Perhaps your computer has gotten slower over time and you have to reboot it frequently to get it to perform well.

The outlines below may change as necessary to ensure a great learning experience.

Classes will be $25/hour unless otherwise noted.


Troubleshooting and Repair

This class will provide you with an overview of troubleshooting and repair strategies for common problems encountered in a small business or home computer and network. This class will be thirty minutes (1/2 hr).


          • Why is my computer slow and how to fix it?
          • Why is my disk always full?
          • My Internet connection only works on one computer
          • I can't get my printer to work on a network or another computer
          • My computer won't even start
          • Questions from the class

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