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Computer Memory

If you have a computer purchased more than two years ago, adding more memory will improve its performance for a very low cost. Determining the type of memory to purchase and how to install that memory can be challenging. This class will cover those issues and will assist you in selecting a place to purchase the additional memory.

The outlines below may change as necessary to ensure a great learning experience.

Classes will be $25/hour unless otherwise noted.


Computer Memory

This class will train you in how to determine how much memory your computer has installed, the type of memory, and will suggest performance improvements as a result of increasing the memory in your computer. This class will be thirty minutes (1/2 hr).


          • Why more memory will improve performance
          • How much memory does my computer have now?
          • Operating systems and applications
          • Memory purchase and installation issues
          • Should I pay to have someone install the memory?


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