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Computer Introduction

Purchasing and using a computer can be challenging. Which computer to choose, how much memory and disk space? Do you need a laptop, desktop or a netbook? Our introductory class can help you make the right choice. Once you have made the choice, you then need to find the right place to purchase the computer and monitor. Acquiring the applications you will need to make the computer useful and productive in your home or business can also be challenging. We can help you get the best value for your money. Sometimes a used computer is a good choice. We can help you make sure the used/refurbished computer will meet your needs. You will  probably need an anti-virus program and a firewall. You may also need a printer and  may need a connection to the Internet via a connection to a wireless or home network. Maybe you already have a computer and need help determining why it seems slow and what you can do about it.

The free introductory class will help you answer some of these questions. It will be offered free of charge. For more detailed information, you may want to attend a second class, designed to answer most of the questions above with a handout listing some of the best free programs that you can use for word processing, web browsing, and other home and business applications.

The free introductory class will be 30 minutes. The other class will be one (1) hour, offered once a month or more frequent based upon demand.

The outlines below may change as necessary to ensure a great learning experience.

Classes will be $25/hour unless otherwise noted.


Computer Introduction

This class will provide you with a good overview of the types of computers, networks, security, and applications. This is an introductory class of approximately 30 minutes (1/2 hr) and will be provided at no cost.

          • What are the differences between the three or four types of computer?
          • Do I need a printer? Can I share a printer?
          • Do I need a network? How do I get on the Internet?
          • Why is everything so complicated?
          • Do I need a firewall, anti-virus, just for email and Internet browsing?
          • How do I get home or business applications and training?


Class length may vary based upon the level of training desired.


Basic (one hour class)

          • What is the best configuration for my computer?
          • Installing and sharing printers & external disks
          • Selecting the right memory to use for an upgrade
          • Installing firewalls and other security software programs
          • Backup strategies and recovery pitfalls
          • Sharing the computer with several users

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