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Classes and Training

We offer training and classes in computers, networks, applications and general troubleshooting problems. We maintain small classes to ensure that you receive the highest quality training we can provide. We also offer individual instruction. (For some classes you will need to bring your own laptop to class.) We may be able to offer training in your own home if that is what you prefer, (at a different fee scale).


Our schedule for classes will be available once enrollment solidifies. If you are interested in a class please contact us to schedule a class for you. Classes will be $25/hour unless otherwise noted.


When possible we will teach you using free professional, semi-professional, and popular programs such as:


Acting classes will be taught by Tania Myren Zobel. You may contact her through this website.


Application classes will vary in length with sessions of approximately one hour (1hr). We will have introductory, intermediate, and advanced classes.


Computer and Network classes will be approximately one hour (1 hr) and students will receive printed handouts of the material covered in the class. If more in depth material is requested, we can provide additional training beyond the standard classes.






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